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WARD 5 - Designing for Dementia

Location: Moseley Hall Hospital, Birmingham

Client: Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Principal Contractor: GM Building & Property Services

Value: £350k

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust commissioned Design Buro to refurbish Ward 5 at Moseley Hall Hospital. The design was used as a prototype to be replicated on other ward upgrades for Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust.

The dementia friendly design creates an open plan living area, which uses colours, artwork, lighting and furniture to sub-divide living, eating and activity zones. The open plan environment is critical to ensure the safety of patients with increased observation.


The design incorporates the principals of evidence-based learning, which uses colours and artwork to aid way finding, encourages eating and interactive stimulation. The choice of materials avoids reflectivity and change in colours on floor surfaces, which can cause confusion.

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