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Location: Warwick Hospital

Client: South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

Principal Contractor: Speller Metcalfe

Value: £1.2m

We are pleased to announce the completion of the brand new Maternity Unit at Warwick Hospital.

Warwick Hospital currently offers a Consultant Obstetric Unit at the hospital and community home birthing teams, the development of a birthing centre unit will ensure women have even more choice on where to deliver their babies.

The dedicated Midwifery led birthing centre will offer expectant parents the opportunity to have their babies in a comfortable, homely environment, rather than a more clinical setting. As the only facility like this in the area it will benefit families across South Warwickshire and beyond.

With its own separate entrance, the new unit has four birthing rooms, with birthing pools available in all of them. To help create a welcoming and calming environment there is also a separate room for parents to relax in, as well as a private garden.

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