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Location: Solihull

Client: Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust

Principal Contractor: E Manton Ltd.

Value: £825k

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust provides a comprehensive mental healthcare service for residents of Birmingham and Solihull, and a range of specialist mental health services to communities across the West Midlands and beyond.

Until 2014, The Maple Leaf Centre (previously known as the John Black Hospital) had been a key inpatient unit for adults who were suffering with their mental health. The unit was then closed, and remained empty for 5 years. The NHS has refurbished the building, and it is being utilised as an outpatient facility, opened in September 2019.

The refurbishment involved opening up the space and allowing in more natural light, which has been determined to provide significant benefits for building occupants, as well as benefitting the wellbeing of staff. 

In addition to patients, the building will hold over 100 members of staff throughout offices and clinic rooms. Promoting staff wellbeing is crucial to ensure that they are comfortable and focused throughout the entire working day, improving productivity and ensuring the best care for patients.

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