Worcester Hadley Unit, PICU

sanctuary / wellbeing

One of the existing Adult Acute Wards at Newtown hospital was upgraded to provide a PICU for 9 patients. The intention for the project was to provide a high quality-healing environment that creates a suitably robust envelope within the existing fabric, whilst ensuring the therapeutic and operational environment was not compromised.

The new 9 bedded unit and police assessment unit provides a highly detailed interior with fitted furniture designed specifically for this client group.

The challenge of this project was to take the existing shell and convert the whole environment to ensure it was suitable for purpose and provided a high quality environment for the patients.

The shell was entirely stripped out, ceiling heights raised, rooms widened and openings formed in order for break out spaces to be created, spaces maximised, blind spots eliminated, to improve visibility and allowing light and ventilation to be maximised in the interior functions.