The Kidney Unit, University Hospital of North Staffordshire Hospital, Stoke on Trent

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The new Renal unit was designed to integrate with the existing PFI hospital. The site was situated on a road between the main PFI entrance, a 70’s ward block, a listed workhouse and a car park. The design aimed to bring these elements together without compromising the listed building.

The site levels were split and the configuration of departments allowed for level access to both the ground floor inpatient unit from the main PFI hospital street and the haemodialysis unit at first floor. This allowed for a designated external entrance for patients to easily access the unit rather than utilising the hospitals main entrance which would considerably lengthen the patients travel.

The proposed extension consisted of the inpatient and haemodialysis unit, which allowed for the heavily serviced patient activities to be in the new build extension. This gave the design more freedom, as we were not constrained by the existing building where the building depth, structure and service voids would compromise the internal patient environment and staff to patient visibility. The design of the bays allowed for beds to be orientated so each bed space had direct views through full height windows to the landscaped green corridor, which split the Kidney unit from the adjacent car park.


Key Points:

  • Re-use of grey water using waste water from the renal haemodialysis plant,
  • Photovoltaic panels on the roof,
  • Combined heat and power plant to serve the unit and the PFI,
  • Super insulated building envelope by improved u-values,
  • Accelerated structural fabrication techniques using multi disciplinary offsite construction techniques