Royal United Hospitals Bath


Royal United Hospitals Bath identified the need for a new PET/CT diagnostics suite and with the invaluable help of fundraising from both Friends of the RUH and Bath Cancer Support Unit the Trust was able to proceed with the construction of a new diagnostic scanning suite within the existing Radiology department.

The new facility offers a scanning process known as Positron Emission Tomography combined with Computed Tomography or PET/CT for short.

This process offers high-quality cross-sectional images together with information about the body’s physiology.

The PET/CT Suite will provide a permanent on-site provision for these diagnostic services, which, were not previously provided at the RUH.

See Mary Berry opening the new PET/CT Suite HERE.


Key Points:

  • Primary Care,
  • Computed Tomography,
  • Positron Emission Tomography,