Cedar Court. Dee Side, Wales


The project was developed to replace the existing adolescent mental health inpatient service provided for North Wales. The new unit provides a cohesive environment for the treatment and education of adolescents with a variety of mental health difficulties within a single building.

The unit provides 24-hour inpatient services and supplies both planned and emergency/high dependency treatment, along with therapy, recreation and education facilities for adolescents suffering from a range of problems such as severe eating disabilities, anxiety, emotional disorders, psychotic disorders and severe OCD.

The new well-being environment is timber framed. This form of construction was chosen because of the tight timescale caused by the need to vacate the old building before the lease expired. Timber framed buildings can be constructed quickly and with fewer skill requirements compared to other building methods. It is also aesthetically pleasing and has good thermal properties.

The North Wales Adolescent Unit was built by a predominately local workforce using materials supplied by local companies. Laing O’Roruke promoted training and development through partnerships with local colleges. One partnership is with Yale College at Wrexham where apprentices were being supported in their studies for NVQ’s with practical experience at North Wales Adolescent Unit.