sanctuary / wellbeing

The Ardenleigh Centre is a medium secure unit for children and women. As well as providing health and social care this well-being environment contains residential accommodation for children and women, support services such as a teaching centre, swimming pool, gymnasium, shop and library and extensive therapy and workshops. In addition to this, full hotel services of estates, catering and administration have been provided.

The innovative design solutions achieved at Ardenleigh have been included in the latest HBN 43 document to set a benchmark for similar future mental health facilities.
Key Points:

  • Medium Secure unit
  • Mental Health Facility for Women and Children.
  • Women’s Forensic Service
  • Seclusion suite
  • Education Suite
  • Therapy areas, workshop and teaching Centre
  • Anti ligature
  • Reduced self harm
  • Citrine
  • Coral
  • Tournaline