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Benenden Hospital – Interior Design Services

04/10/2017, by samplant, in Healthcare | Interior, 0 comments

Benenden Hospital is currently undergoing a £45 million redevelopment and The Design Buro were commissioned for Interior services by Benenden Hospital Trust.

Benenden Hospital includes a number of departments such as General Surgery, Gynaecology, Urology, ENT and Ophalmic treatments. All of which use a single point of entry for patient movement, through the new entrance and atrium. The new atrium links part of the existing hospital to the new extensions on a number of levels.

The concept for the new entrance was to enhance the patient experience, simplify patient and visitor movement and also strengthen Benenden hospitals branding.

Benenden Hospital Trust wanted to give their patients and visitors a sense of luxury as well as comfort, warmth and care.

Why not take a tour and see how the works are progressing in this short movie by Benenden Hospital Trust.